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Research IACA COVID19



Measuring the global judicial response to the new Coronavirus pandemic


The objective of the International Judicial System Survey made by IACA (International Association for Court Administration) was to collect data on the activities of the Judiciary in several countries after the Pandemic Situation Statement caused by the New Coronavirus (COVID-19) by the World Health Organization (WHO), on 11/march/2020.

It was intended to make data available for scientific research, organizational learning and sharing of good practices among the Judiciary as to the potential for the provision of jurisdictional services due to the restrictions of social isolation or security. The data collected and analyzed can also be used to identify trends and new tools of the Judiciary after COVID19.

A Team from the Innovation Laboratory of the Federal Justice from São Paulo State in Brazil - iJuspLab - developed  business intelligence (BI) panels to facilitate access to data with filters and graphs that allow different types of comparison and retrieval of research data, available on the link (click on the image to view the panels and on the link below to view Data Analysis). 

Data analysis by Federal Judge Luciana Ortiz T. C. Zanoni; Federal Judge Antonio Cesar Bochenek; Former Chief Judge of Federal Court of Appeal, 4th Region, Vladimir Passos de Freitas (Brazil)



Publicado em 17/07/2020 às 10h32 e atualizado em 04/04/2024 às 12h12